At What Point Do You Need A Sexual Harassment Attorney For A Workplace Claim?

Posted on: 29 June 2016

Many victims of sexual harassment hesitate to involve the law in their case, especially after being repeatedly ignored or even punished by their employers. The fear of retaliation or public humiliation is often enough to suppress the voices of those who need representation most, but there should be no shame in seeking justice when a crime has been committed against you. These are four signs that your sexual harassment claim needs to escalate into a legal one. 

Your Employer Ignores Your Complaints

Although many companies now take sexual harassment allegations seriously, many others are still not so forward-thinking. When submitting a sexual harassment report, you may find yourself being ignored or brushed off, allowing your assailant to continue working alongside you unpunished. Besides the emotional trauma that can be caused by this negligent, it also exposes you to the risk of further harassment. Enlisting a sexual harassment attorney may be the wake-up call your employer needs to begin taking more prompt actions. 

Your Employer Places You in an Unsafe Situation

If you are sexually harassed because your employer knowingly placed you into an unsafe situation, you may have grounds to sue for damages. Examples of this may include sending you on a business trip with another employee who has received harassment complaints in the past, or otherwise forcing you to work closely with your harasser in isolated areas. This claim is particularly strengthened if you can show documented evidence of you or others protesting the arrangement as unsafe or inappropriate.  

Your Career Suffers As a Consequence

It is illegal for an employer to fire you for making a complaint about sexual harassment. Even when your case is handled perfectly, however, you may suspect long-term retaliation if you are repeatedly passed over for promotions or given undesirable projects afterward. This claim can be difficult to prove without direct evidence, and so it is often lumped in with other charges related to a sexual harassment case. 

Your Injuries or Suffering Require Civil or Criminal Charges

When sexual harassment involves sexual assault or rape, you may need to press civil or criminal charges against your attacker for justice to be administered properly. Only an estimated .7 percent of all sexual assault cases end in a felony conviction, which is why it is so important to seek representation from an experienced sexual harassment attorney to make your case as compelling and airtight as possible. Although giving in to an often unjust system can be understandable, fighting to change it may help prevent future men and women from experiencing the pain of sexual harassment and assault in the future.

If you feel that you have been wronged and are not receiving the support you need from your employer, begin consulting with an attorney like Davis George Mook today to seek the closure and compensation you deserve.