3 Definite Reasons Why You Should Hire An Attorney When Filing Divorce

Posted on: 20 December 2016

Marriage is a joyous partnership for many couples. Although no couple begins their life together believing in the possibility of separation, divorce is a reality for about 40 to 50 percent of couples in the United States. For some people, the process of dissolving the marriage is simple, but professional help is still necessary in some instances. If you are considering a divorce, use this guide to know when to consult an attorney.

You Have Children

If you and your spouse have children together, you should contact an attorney to arrange a custody agreement to follow before and after the divorce is finalized.

You may feel you and your spouse are parting ways amicably, but having children together can make custody and visitations difficult during a divorce. A legal custody agreement will reduce the risk of unnecessary and overwhelming arguments between you and your spouse. This will protect you and your children during the separation and divorce process.

You Own a Business

Marriage will make you partners in love and life, and many married couples will choose to start a business partnership, as well. Unfortunately, divorce can become a complicated process if you and your spouse own a business together.

Sitting down with a divorce attorney is imperative if you are business partners, since you will need professional help to plan your options. Your attorney can discuss the different options available to you and your spouse.

Many couples will end the marriage but continue working together. This is possible if you and your spouse are able to leave your emotions out of the professional relationship. Your attorney can help you and your spouse design an agreement that allows you to manage the business without any emotional stress.

If you or your spouse prefers to leave the marriage and the business, professional financial agreements will be needed in both the marital and professional partnerships.

You Share Assets

Money is a common cause of divorce, and disagreements over money can also follow you through the divorce process. If you and your spouse share assets, such as savings accounts, cash, investments, and real estate, hiring an attorney is imperative to avoid serious arguments and financial ramifications.

Your attorney can help mediate the process of dividing your assets. This will be important to avoid stress, but the legal agreements will also ensure you receive what is rightfully yours after the divorce is finalized.

Whether you are divorcing on good terms or not, working with an attorney, such as those at Madison Law Firm PLLC, is beneficial for you and your family. With this guide, you will know why a professional is necessary.