Five Reasons You Need A Truck Accident Attorney Specifically

Posted on: 5 June 2017

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, you may start searching for a car accident or personal injury attorney. However, in these cases, it's much better to find a trucking accident injury attorney specifically. Here are five reasons why this is so important:

  1. Experience With Trucking Laws: Attorneys who work specifically on truck accident cases know trucking laws. This is important because trucking laws are significantly different than other traffic laws. For example, trucks can only carry a certain amount of weight. If the truck was carrying more than this, it can be reason enough to prove that the trucking company was at fault for the accident. Your trucking accident attorney will be able to prove this. 
  2. Knowledge of What Injuries are Specific to Trucking Accidents: If you suffered any injuries, your trucking accident attorney will be able to maximize your claim for compensation based on the fact that your injuries are likely more significant than they would have been in a car accident. Proving this will ensure that you receive more compensation for your medical bills. 
  3. Reputation with Trucking Insurance Companies: When you have a trucking attorney who has a reputation with the trucking company insurance companies, it's easier to negotiate because they know that the attorney will not stop to find reasons for more extensive compensation claims. If you aren't using a trucking accident attorney, chances are it will be harder to work with the insurance company because they won't take the claim as seriously. 
  4. Connections for Investigative Help: Many times, there is going to need to be an investigation to determine the cause of the accident and the extension of damages that were done. A trucking accident attorney will have connections to the right professionals who investigate trucking accidents. They are knowledgeable about the design, shape, and movement of large commercial trucks, which helps to prove your innocence in the case and the reasoning for your high claim for compensation. 

When you know these four reasons for a truck accident attorney specifically, you can see why it is going to be more useful in your case and maximize your claim so that you are able to receive more compensation for your case for both damages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. A trucking accident injury attorney is going to be well worth looking into, even if it takes more time to find one in this field.