3 Tips For Getting Social Security Disability Approved

Posted on: 13 July 2017

Even if you have a verifiable disability that makes it difficult or impossible to work and meet the other qualifications, it can be very challenging to get approved for Social Security Disability benefits. If approved, you will receive monthly benefits that help you pay for your living expenses and make your life much easier, but unfortunately many applications are denied. In order to receive the Social Security Disability you are entitled to, it's important to be prepared and approach your application in a thoughtful, deliberate way by following these tips:

Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

In order to maximize your chances having your application approved, it's a great idea to hire a Social Security Disability attorney. An attorney with specialized knowledge and experience in the disability arena will help you navigate the complicated paperwork, procedures, and regulations involved in applying for and receiving disability benefits. They will advocate for your rights and even hep you appeal the decision if you are denied the first time. 

Even if you are afraid you can't afford an attorney, it's worthwhile to set up a consultation. Most Social Security Disability attorneys work on contingency, which means they are only paid if you win your case and receive back benefits.

You May Need to Quit Working

The Social Security Administration has strict rules about how much you are allowed to work and still be able to qualify for disability payments. The idea behind this is that if you are disabled enough to be entitled to disability benefits, you are probably too disabled to work full-time. Depending on your situation, your attorney may recommend that you quit your job before you apply for disability benefits, or that you cut back your hours substantially and then apply.

You Should Seek Medical Treatment

Whether your disability is physical or psychological, it's important to have regular doctor appointments in order to manage your condition and improve your quality of life. Avoiding the doctor is not only bad for your health, but can also backfire when it comes to getting your Social Security Disability benefits approved. You will need to supply medical records when you submit your application, and these will help substantiate the seriousness of your disability in order to improve your chances of an approved disability application.  

Following these tips will help improve your chances of having your Social Security Disability application approved, so that you can begin receiving your benefits in a timely manner. Visit a site like http://www.johnehornattorney.com for more help.