Act Fast! Immediate Actions After A Car Accident

Posted on: 12 August 2017

If you've been hit by a careless driver, you should know that time is of the essence when it comes to proving your case and getting adequate compensation. While your shock and trauma about the wreck is understandable, valuable evidence could be escaping while you are procrastinating about taking action against the at-fault driver. Whether you are able to take care of these tasks yourself, or you ask a trusted friend or family member to assist you, make sure that you don't waste time getting started on any of the following.

Working with an attorney

One the smartest moves to make after you are injured in an accident is to make contact with a personal injury attorney. This experienced legal professional will be able to take some of the burden off of you and perform many tasks that you may not be able to do while you are recovering from your injuries. You should consider yourself part of this legal team, however and not just a client. Only you can provide the key details and information that will allow your attorney to create a case against the at-fault driver's insurance company.

Immediate actions to take

  1. You will need the contact information of all involved parties, including any eye witnesses to the accident. The best source of this information is often the police or accident report. This valuable document is often available a few days after the accident through the responding agency. For example, if your accident occurred on an interstate highway, the accident report may be found by contacting the state trooper or highway patrol office. Increasingly, law enforcement personnel have the means to create and print out reports right from the inside of their patrol cars and you may actually leave the accident scene with this document. Providing your new attorney with with report will help get everything off to a good start.
  2. Try to attain accident footage and photographs. Nowadays, most intersections and even parts of highways have video cameras trained on them, recording constantly. Many nearby businesses and residences are also armed with cameras, and having a video of the accident could prove to be all that is needed to prompt the insurance carrier to offer you a nice, fat settlement check.
  3. Have a loved one take some photographs of your injuries immediately and then at every stage of your recovery. A picture is worth a thousand, or a hundred thousand, dollars in this case. If you are able to get some photos of your wrecked car to add to the hard evidence bundle, then do so.

Some evidence can be lost and witnesses can have their memories decreased by the passing of time, so take action quickly and speak to a personal injury attorney right away. 

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