Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

Posted on: 23 August 2017

A car accident is never any fun, but it can be even more frustrating if you have to take the insurance companies to court to get the settlement that is rightfully yours. You don't want to make any mistakes, so read through this article to find out what to avoid.

Don't: Ignore evidence right after the accident

Instead: Work to preserve evidence from the scene of the accident. Fortunately, most people nowadays will have a camera right in their pocket—their phone! If you are physically able, take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible before the clean-up crews arrive. If you aren't able to take the pictures yourself, see if someone else is willing to do so for you. Another option when picture-taking isn't possible is to contact any homes or businesses that border the accident site. They may have had outdoor security cameras that caught the accident. Just contact these places within a day or two of the accident, since many don't save their recordings.

Don't: Lose any of your medical or care records

Instead: Create a file to save everything in. When working out a settlement for your accident, you will need to show records of your injuries, treatments, and any other losses. Your file should contain all medical records pertaining to the injuries sustained within the accident. Also include receipts from filling prescriptions, travel expenses, and missed work. Generally, anything that impacted your health or your wallet because of the accident should be kept inside this file. Never give the file to anyone; instead, only give out copies of any requested documents.

Don't: Talk too freely following the accident

Instead: Route all discussion and questions about your accident through your lawyer. It is not uncommon for insurance companies — either your own or those of other drivers involved — to call you and try to get you to agree to a reduced settlement or to admit fault. If they do call, don't answer their questions and instead refer them to your lawyer. You also don't want to share too freely on other public platforms. For example, things you post on a social media site can be used against you, especially if they can be twisted in a way to make you look at fault or as though you are lying about your injuries.

For more help, contact a personal injury or a car accident attorney at a law firm such as Carter & Fulton, P.S. in your area.