How To Deal With Holiday Induced Domestic Violence Incidents

Posted on: 16 November 2017

During the holiday season, it is not unusual to see a rise in domestic incidents. Domestic violence incidents arise in even the happiest of homes during this time of year. Stress levels can increase due to a number of factors, including family feuds or having too much to drink. The following are some things to keep in mind if tempers flare and result in domestic violence this holiday season:

Reasons for Domestic Violence Arrests

The holidays can sometimes bring out the worst in people. A simple conversation can get easily overblown into something much more dangerous. Spending time with family members you do not see often can get dicey, particularly if your views do not line up about any issue. A small debate can escalate and result in domestic violence.

Couples also get into quarrels more often this time of year. Arguments about any number of topics, from money problems to issues with extended family members, escalate and get dangerous.

In some cases, the police are called if things get out of hand. When the police are called for domestic violence, they are not going to give you a simple warning. More often than not, at least one person involved will get arrested due to a zero-tolerance policy for domestic violence. Most states have these policies that state anyone who hits another person in a domestic violence situation must be arrested.

After the Arrest

After an arrest for domestic violence, the case will need to be dealt with in court. If you accept a domestic violence conviction, you can face many life-changing consequences that have resulted from the Domestic Violence Reform Act.

To avoid a conviction, you will need to meet with your attorney before your court appearance. Your attorney will provide you with all the information and strategies you will need to form a strong defense. There are many steps that you can take to avoid a conviction for domestic violence.

Preventing Holiday Domestic Violence Incidents

There are some strategies you and your entire family can implement during the holidays that can help prevent a domestic violence incident from occurring in the first place. If you know that you will be around other people that can push your buttons, be ready to keep your distance. You may even want to stay home altogether. Also, be patient with your significant other. Understand that this is a crazy time of year full of stress. Avoid getting into conflicts as much as possible. Click here for more help.