What To Know When Considering Divorce

Posted on: 26 August 2018

When a marriage is beyond being salvaged, legally separating through a divorce may become an undeniable need. While the legal process for ending a marriage is very well defined, those needing to petition for this process will frequently find their inexperience with these proceedings presents a sizable challenge.

Should You Let The Other Spouse Know That You Are Considering Divorce?

One of the first questions that individuals will have when it comes to filing for divorce is when to alert the other spouse. Typically, individuals should make a good faith effort to save the marriage, which means making it clear that a divorce is an option. However, you may not want to be as open as soon as you decide on starting this process. A reason for this is that you should prepare for this by retaining a divorce lawyer and gathering copies of the pertinent financial records from the marriage. Individuals may feel that this is dishonest, but it is perfectly reasonable for a person to avoid situations where the other spouse may attempt to hide assets. Your attorney will be able to help you identify the types of documents that you should retain so that you can avoid missing crucial information during these proceedings.  

What If The Other Spouse Threatens You?

Sadly, there may be instances where divorce proceedings devolve into one spouse issuing threats against the other. It is important to always treat these threats as extremely serious. In instances where violence is threatened, you may want to immediately notify the police so a report can be prepared, and you should contact your attorney to determine if a restraining order should be filed against the other spouse. This process should be started immediately as there will need to be a hearing for the judge to decide whether to issue the restraining order.

Is It Possible To Cancel A Divorce?

Individuals will often make the decision to start the divorce proceedings in the moments following a heated argument. If these individuals follow through with this decision, there is a chance that they may change their minds during this process. It is possible for individuals to cancel the divorce proceedings, but this can be a somewhat expensive, decision to make. As a result, you will need to be confident that divorce is the right decision for your situation. If you have concerns about resisting the urge to change your mind, you may want to prepare a support network to help you resist the fears and temptations that could lead you to unreasonably question your decision to start divorce proceedings.