Personal Testimony And Your Personal Injury Case

Posted on: 17 December 2018

Taking quick action after a car accident is important. Vital evidence needed to prove your case can be lost if you fail to act. One of the most vaunted types of personal injury evidence is that of witnesses. Surprisingly, there is more than one type of witness when it comes to accident cases. Read on to learn more about three categories of personal injury witnesses.


If someone saw your car accident unfold, you are fortunate. Eye-witness testimony is one of the most convincing and sought-after of all types of personal injury evidence. To be considered eye-witness testimony, the person should have seen the accident happen and be willing to testify about it under oath. When it comes to eye-witness testimony, that which comes from a neutral third-party person carries the greatest weight. The testimony of those who were passengers in either of the cars involved in the wreck is also valuable but this type of witness can be viewed as biased or prejudiced in favor of the car they were riding in at the time of the wreck.

If there was a witness at the scene, their contact information may be listed on the accident report prepared by the responding law enforcement officer. If not, your attorney may have to canvass the area for residents or employees who saw the wreck occur. It's vital that all witnesses be identified and contacted as soon as possible. Not only can the memories of what the witness saw begin to fade away with time, but it may be more difficult to make contact with witnesses as time goes on.

Expert witnesses

Not all accident claims end up going to trial. Some settle outside of court. If your case does get its day in court your case may hinge on the testimony of experts in various fields. Experts that have many years of experience, education, and certifications in their fields can add credence to several aspects of a personal injury case. Some experts that may testify in a car accident case are:

  1. Medical experts who testify about your current and future physical limitations.
  2. Vocational experts who can testify about the effect of the accident on your career.
  3. Accident reconstruction experts who can help the jury visualize the way the accident occurred.

Lay witnesses

One form of personal injury damage that can end up being very valuable in terms of financial compensation is pain and suffering. This is the negative effects of the accident and the resulting injuries on your emotional health and your personal relationships. Lay witnesses provide your friends, co-workers, and loved ones with an opportunity to testify about the extent of harm to your life in general.

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