Managing Your Stress During A Contentious Divorce

Posted on: 3 August 2019

Some couples divorce amicably and divide up assets, knowing that the marriage is no longer working. If you have the opposite going on, you and your ex may be arguing even over the smallest of things. Most divorces are emotional, but one that is between two people who are ready for a fight is going to bring a load of stress on both parties. When you find your stress levels getting out of control, it's time to find a divorce attorney that can help you. While you may have been resistant to an attorney, believing you could take care of the divorce on your own, it is a way to protect what is yours and give you some solace during this tough time.

Communicate Through Your Attorney

When your ex wants to fight over everything from the dishes to the bedding, refuse to negotiate once your ex becomes unreasonable. Only communicate through your attorney, and you won't have to deal with any ruthless negotiations first hand. Your ex wants to get you upset, and by going through your attorney, they don't have direct access to you and your emotions.

Know What You Deserve

Your ex may be telling you that they are going to get everything in the divorce and you will only see the kids one day a week. When you are both parents, you both have parental rights. Your marital assets are both of yours, and they are going to be divided up. Know what you are entitled to in the divorce so that you can negotiate what you want in a reasonable, controlled manner. 

Run Agreements By Your Attorney

When you have a divorce attorney, you should never sign anything before your attorney reviews it. Any contract you make with your ex regarding child custody, property division, and debt can be binding if you sign the agreement with or without an attorney present. You hire an attorney to protect your best interests, and they will need to review any proposal before you sign it. If you want to offer your ex anything, talk it over with your attorney first to make sure it is a reasonable offer.

When you are stressed because of your divorce, it's time to let an attorney be your voice. Don't allow your ex to bully you into signing paperwork, and understand what you are entitled to from the divorce. When you know what is reasonable, it is easier to stand your ground when negotiating.

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