Signs You Will Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

Posted on: 22 October 2019

If an employee gets injured while on the job, they should be entitled to workers' compensation. This is a program that helps cover an employee's lost wages and medical care while they recuperate from their workplace injury. When you get hurt on the job, which is more common than you might think, having the security of being able to get workers' compensation sounds great. However, getting compensated for an injury you only sustained because you were at work can be harder than you think.

If you pay attention to the following red flags, you might see that you need a worker's compensation lawyer before the rug is pulled out from underneath you by your employer. Here are signs you need a workers comp attorney. As soon as you make the call to a lawyer, you can let your employer work with your legal representative for all things related to your worker's compensation case.

1. Your employer is halting the paperwork process

You've submitted all the paperwork for the worker's compensation claim, but you've noticed that your employer has not done so on their end yet. Or, they have said they've sent the paperwork in, but when you enquire about the status of your claim you get roadblocked by being informed the paperwork is incomplete or your employer has failed to submit all the required documents.

This is when you need to give your attorney a call. A worker's compensation attorney knows how important time frames are for claims like these and will use their experience and the business laws of your area to assist you in getting your claim properly and completely filed by all parties.

2. Your employer is denying the claim or your working status

Since your employer is legally responsible for providing approved workers compensation for all employees, they may do their best to try to prove that the accident never happened, didn't happen to you, is not their fault, or may even try to deny that you work for them in the first place. Rather than fight with your employer about the logic behind your workplace injury, gather all documentation that proves your cause and then make a consultation appointment with your attorney.

The sooner you get a worker's compensation attorney to assist you, the better. Your attorney will give you a course of action to take and will assist you until your case is finalized or closed.