3 Reasons To Choose An Accident Attorney Who Specializes In Truck Accidents

Posted on: 26 October 2019

If you have been in a truck accident, you need to hire an attorney. You probably will not want to choose an attorney that specializes in auto accidents alone. Instead, you will probably want to look for an attorney that actually has a lot of experience in handling truck accidents. Some of the reasons why this is important are listed here.

1. Trucking Laws Are Different From Regular Driving Laws

First of all, regular drivers are not typically held to the same laws and regulations as truck drivers are. For example, there are stricter laws about what is considered alcohol impairment when it is a commercial truck driver involved vs. an everyday person with a more standard driver's license. There are also laws about how many hours a day a truck driver can drive. A truck accident attorney typically has a better understanding of what these laws are and how they can apply to truck accident cases. An attorney who normally handles typical car accidents, on the other hand, might not know these things offhand.

2. Multiple Parties Might Be Involved in the Lawsuit

With most auto accidents, attorneys simply sue the driver's insurance company. When there is a truck accident, however, multiple different parties may have to be sued. For example, it is not uncommon to involve the trucking company, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, and more in this type of lawsuit. Of course, this does depend on your case in particular, but a truck accident attorney can look at the details of your case and then fight the parties that should be fought.

3. Trucking Attorneys are More Familiar With Truck-Related Accident Expenses

Expenses can be a lot higher for a truck accident than a regular car accident. After all, injuries can be a whole lot worse, which can lead to much higher medical bills. Property damage can be a lot worse in these major accidents, too, and other expenses might be much more expensive. A truck accident attorney might be better equipped to calculate and fight for these costs.

Car accident attorneys often handle all sorts of vehicle accidents, including those that involve commercial trucks. However, instead of just hiring a regular auto accident attorney, you should hire an attorney who has specific experience in the world of handling truck accidents. Before hiring an attorney, look for truck accident attorneys in particular, or talk to the attorney about his or her truck accident experience during your consultation.