Ways A Cannabis Law Firm Can Help You With Opening A Dispensary

Posted on: 19 March 2020

In many areas of the country, cannabis has been legalized for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This has led to an explosion of small businesses. However, opening a cannabis enterprise can be a legally complicated task as this is one of the areas of commercial law that can be the most ambiguous. As a result, those looking to open one of these businesses will likely need to retain a cannabis law firm to navigate this process.

Ensure You Are Obtaining the Correct Permits

There are a large number of different permits that individuals will need to obtain in order to operate a cannabis enterprise. Failing to have the required permits can result in the business being forced to close and the operators facing charges. To avoid violating the permit requirements and to ensure that the correct steps are followed when submitting your permits, a cannabis law firm will be able to help you understand your legal obligations in terms of permitting and they will be able to assist you with preparing the documentation to apply for the permit.

Understand the Rules Concerning Packaging and Purchase Limits

Every state will have strict rules governing the quantity and types of cannabis that can be sold to customers. In addition to ensuring that you understand these rules, you will also need to make sure that you have developed policies to educate your workers so that they can effectively comply with these requirements. It may not seem like a cannabis law firm will be much use in this regard, but they can provide invaluable guidance when you are confused about the vague or contradictory regulations that may govern your area. For those that may understand the current laws for their area, it should be noted that this problem can arise in the future as cannabis laws are typically very fluid in states where these businesses are legal, and it can be common for these rules to change yearly.

Handling Cannabis Business Zoning

In addition to the rules governing the actual products that the business will sell, it is also necessary to comply with the zoning requirements that may apply to the cannabis industry. Like alcohol and other controlled substances, it can be common for states to require these businesses to be a minimum distance from schools and churches. Depending on where you live, it can be possible for the county and city to have contradictory rules concerning these zoning requirements, and a cannabis lawyer will be able to help you understand where you can legally open your business.