Liability Claims For Beauty Salon Injuries

Posted on: 29 April 2020

You don't go to a beauty salon expecting injury, but these establishments do have their risks. You deserve compensation if someone or something causes you injury during your beauty treatment. You just need to prove how the defendant is liable for your injuries. Below are some of the ways beauty salons can cause injuries to their patrons.

Inadequate Training

You need adequate training and licensing to become a beauty therapist. For example, according to, all U.S. states require licenses for hairstylists. Training is necessary, not only for learning various beauty techniques but also how to execute them safely. An untrained or poorly trained therapist can cause you injury, for example, by using a dangerous product on your hair.

Misusing Chemicals

A beauty salon can also cause you injury by misusing cosmetic products. For example, says many ingredients of cosmetic products are safe in small amounts but dangerous in large amounts. A beauty therapist can cause you injury by exceeding the safe amount of a product.

Using Faulty Equipment

Defective equipment can also cause you injury in a beauty salon. Like other businesses in the service industry, the law expects beauty therapists to maintain their equipment and ensure the equipment's safety before use. For example, you might experience laser burns during hair removal if the therapist doesn't calibrate the laser machine properly.

The beauty salon will be liable for your injuries if the equipment defect is due to the salon's maintenance failure. The equipment manufacturer will be liable if you can trace the injury back to manufacturing defects.

Using Unsanitary Equipment

A typical beauty salon serves multiple people each day. If one of these people is sick, they can contaminate the equipment or surfaces. Beauty therapists know this, which is why they clean and sanitize their equipment after each use. You might contract a disease, however, if a therapist makes and lets you use unsanitary equipment or come into contact with unsanitary surfaces.

Skipping Skin Tests

There are numerous cosmetic products, and many people are allergic to at least one of them. Therapists usually deal with this problem by testing products before use. For example, a therapist may apply a small sample of lotion on a patch of your skin before whole body use.

Skipping such a crucial safety step can trigger serious injuries if you turn out allergic to the product. If that happens, the therapist who skipped the safety step should be liable for your injuries.

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