Pressing Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Insurance Litigation

Posted on: 9 November 2020

After you have been hurt in a serious accident, you may be owed compensation under your state's personal injury laws. However, before you accept an offer from an insurer, you need to find out if the amount being offered to you is in line with to what you are entitled.

Rather than gauge this offer on your own, you can hire an insurance litigation attorney to represent you. These reasons are some to retain the services of a lawyer who practices insurance litigation for accident victims like you.

Reasonable Offer

One of the main reasons to retain an insurance litigation attorney involves ensuring that any offer that you receive is fair and in line with the personal injury laws in your state. The insurer may try to offer you a minimal amount of money at first to convince you to drop your lawsuit against it and its client. At first glance, this offer may seem generous and more than enough to compensate you for your accident-related damages.

However, the attorney that you hire for insurance litigation can tell you if the offer is actually on par with what you are entitled to or lower than what you could win in a judgment in court. If the amount is too low, your insurance litigation attorney can negotiate a higher amount on your behalf. You can close out your case with a settlement that not only covers your damages right now, but also pay for any accident-related expenses that you may encounter in the future.

Pursuing a Judgment

If the insurer want to litigate your case in court, you need an insurance litigation attorney to represent you in the proceedings. Your lawyer can argue for you in court and make the case for why you should receive punitive and monetary damages for your suffering.

He or she can pursue a judgment that will garnish or levy any assets and income that the responsible party own. Your insurance litigation lawyer can then make sure that the judgment is paid out in full before closing your case.

These reasons are a couple for why accident victims like you benefit by retaining a lawyer who practices insurance litigation. You can negotiate and accept a settlement that compensates you fairly for any accident-related damages that you encounter. Your insurance litigation attorney can also represent you in court and pursue a judgment against the accident's responsible party.