3 Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Posted on: 2 June 2021

With the rise in the number of bikers on the road, motorcycle accidents are rampant. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be traumatizing, but the good news is that you can contact a motorcycle attorney who will walk you through every step of the way.

Your attorney will ensure you receive good treatment and get fair compensation. So, what should you expect from your motorcycle accident attorney? This brief outlines some of the questions you should ask them.

Does the Law Firm Specialize in Handling Motorcycle Accident Cases?

If you are looking for a fair settlement, you must go for an attorney whose firm specializes in motorcycle accidents. Background knowledge and experience in this area is an essential factor to look out for. An attorney that has devoted their time and resources in handling motorcycle accident cases is in a better position of handling your case compared to one that hasn't specialized. They are aware of the complexity of the situations and know how to navigate the tightest of spots.

Have They Handled Similar Cases? What Were the Outcomes?

Knowing that your attorney has handled cases of similar nature to yours and won is relieving. You can now entrust the case to them and have peace of mind. It is also important to ask about the settlements reached in both cases, as this goes a long way to reveal your attorney's negotiating skills.

What Are the Steps Involved in the Legal Process?

From the moment you file personal injury claims to when you receive compensation, the litigation process could be a lengthy one. This is why you need to know all the steps involved, so you know what is expected of you. You need to talk to your attorney and find out if they will handle everything or involve you to some extent. What is to be achieved at the end of each step? How long will the process take? Will you need evidence reconstruction experts? A motorcycle accident attorney can answer these questions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your attorney needs to get paid, so cost should be one of your primary concerns. Different attorneys use different billing mechanisms, so be sure to ask yours what they use. However, most of them work with the contingency billing system where you pay them after receiving your compensation. The amount is always an agreed percentage of your total compensation.

You may sustain injuries after a motorcycle accident and even lose wages because you may become incapacitated. Your attorney will ensure you are compensated for any losses accruing from the accident.