Consequences Of An Aggressive Approach During Divorce And How An Attorney Can Help You Avoid It

Posted on: 23 November 2022

Every person reacts differently when discussing contentious issues during marriage dissolution. Some take an aggressive approach because they fear that their partner will have the upper hand in the case. While this might seem like a sound strategy for ensuring that your partner does not take advantage of you, it is unlikely to be the best approach. Keep reading to recognize the consequences of an aggressive approach when dissolving your marriage and how an attorney can help you avoid them.

Repercussions of an Aggressive Approach

The most significant problem with taking an aggressive approach is that you can make things exponentially more difficult. This is because your partner may assume that you are acting the way you are because you want to acquire more assets unfairly or limit their time with the kids. As a result, they may put up a more spirited fight to defend what they believe they are entitled to get. This can make negotiations difficult because you and your soon-to-be-ex partner might hold opposing hard-line stances when discussing certain issues. Consequently, your divorce might become complicated, take longer, and cost more.

This is why you should try to be cordial with your partner throughout the divorce process. Doing so helps reduce tension and disagreements, which makes negotiations smoother. As such, you are more likely to agree on how to share assets, who will be living with the kids, and various other contentious issues. This can enable you to dissolve your marriage within a shorter time. However, if you can't agree on important issues, it is advisable to hire a divorce lawyer to negotiate with your partner's legal team. This way, they can come up with a workable solution for each contentious issue.

Importance of Working With an Attorney

Your partner might be aggressive when you start discussing contentious issues during divorce, so it is recommended that you work with your lawyer when dissolving your marriage. They will counsel you on the signs to look out for to ascertain whether your soon-to-be-ex is looking to play hardball. Your lawyer will also guide you on what to do when disagreements arise. This will prevent you from doing or saying something that may give your partner an unfair advantage in the case. Your lawyer also negotiates on your behalf to ensure that your differences do not interfere with your talks.

An aggressive approach might seem like a way to prevent your partner from taking advantage of you when dissolving your marriage. Unfortunately, it increases animosity, making it challenging to agree on important issues. This is why taking a more level-headed approach is essential when dissolving your marriage. Most importantly, work with a divorce lawyer so that you can have a more amicable process and a favorable outcome.

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