Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Dog Bite Injury Claims

Posted on: 19 January 2023

Dog bite injuries are very traumatic. If you have experienced one, be sure to file a dog bite injury claim to be compensated for your ordeal. Ensure you consult a dog bite injury lawyer immediately after the incident. Don't make these mistakes when filing a claim.

Not Reporting the Incident

You should report a dog bite injury to the dog owner. They might agree to settle all expenses associated with the dog bite. Settling outside court will help you avoid the lengthy process of filing a dog bite claim.

However, a dog owner may fail to accept liability. In this case, your next cause of action is to report the incident to the local animal control department or police department. A police report of the dog bite will strengthen your personal injury claim.

Dealing With the Insurance Adjuster

In personal injury law, anything you say can be used against you. Therefore, desist from providing statements to the dog owner's insurance company. You could easily incriminate yourself by speaking to the insurance adjuster without the presence of your lawyer. 

Remember, the insurance adjuster's aim is to settle the case with the least amount of money and wants to use the least amount of money to finalize the case. They will review your statements critically to find weaknesses and minimize or avoid paying you compensation.

Postponing Medical Treatment

You should seek emergency medical assistance if a dog bites you. This will prevent complications in the future. Even if the injury doesn't seem serious, the dog may have rabies or harmful bacteria that could cause serious infections.

There is a high risk you will not be compensated if your injuries aren't documented by a doctor immediately. The dog owner may claim that any health complications you experience after aren't related to the dog bite. To avoid this argument, go to the doctor and confirm the severity of your injuries. Furthermore, your doctor will provide the medical papers necessary to support your bite injury claim.

Failing to Gather Sufficient Evidence

When a dog bites you, ensure you gather as much evidence as you can before filing a claim. Take pictures of your injury. Talk to witnesses who can confirm your story and note their contact details. You should also take pictures of your treatment process. Your dog bite injury lawyer will help you build a strong case based on your gathered evidence.

In Closing

When filing a dog bite claim, you need to prove the negligence of the dog owner. You should show that the dog owner knew of the dog's violent tendencies but did nothing to restrain it. Talk to your lawyer to determine how to establish the dog owner's liability and get fair compensation. Reach out to personal injury attorney services near you to learn more.