• Can You Sue if Your Child Drowns in Someone's Pool?

    Losing a child is never easy to deal with, but a sudden loss due to a tragic event can make this even harder. If your child recently drowned in someone's swimming pool, you might be able to sue the pool owner. While this will not bring your child back, it will hold the pool owner responsible for the event. In order to win a case like this, you will need to prove the pool owner was negligent. [Read More]

  • The Morning After A Shotgun Wedding: Can You Seek An Annulment?

    Falling head over heels in love can make you act in impulsive ways that may involve extremely poor decision-making. Some couples who find themselves married after a whirlwind, short-lived romance, wake up the day after their nuptials horrified that they are hitched. One way to rectify this unfortunate situation is to get the marriage annulled. If you find yourself regretting your wedding within days of getting married, the following guide can help you figure out if you can pursue an annulment to invalidate your legal bond. [Read More]

  • Family Law After Death - What To Expect When Drafting Your Will

    It's an unfortunate fact that everyone eventually dies, but avoiding it will only make your death harder on your loved ones. If you're worried about taking care of them after you pass on, you can allay your fears with the help of a skilled family lawyer. Before you pick up the phone to schedule a consult, however, it's a good idea to brush up on the basics of what planning your will entails. [Read More]

  • Can You Sue A Home Seller For Failure To Disclose A Stalking Risk?

    In the United States, a New Jersey family is suing the previous owners of their home for failure to disclose the house was being stalked by a mentally disturbed individual. Apparently, soon after moving into the home, the family began receiving bizarre letters from the individual that made it obvious he or she was watching the home and became more threatening as time went on. Whether or not the perpetrator meant to do harm or was playing a hoax remains to be seen, but the incident does bring up the question of whether sellers have a duty to disclose these types of things to potential buyers. [Read More]

  • 5 Ways To Keep Divorce Costs Down

    In addition to being quite emotionally difficult, divorce is also notoriously expensive. On average, divorce in the United States costs each couple a whopping $18,000. Luckily, if you and your spouse have decided that divorce is definitely the best option for you there are several things you can do to help lower the cost. Here are five ways to keep divorce costs down: Aim for an Uncontested Divorce If at all possible, aim for an uncontested divorce. [Read More]

  • 3 Challenges You May Face After You Get A Service Dog & What To Do About Them

    Getting a service dog can be a life-changing experience for many disabled people, but it can also present challenges. Some people in your community may not be aware of laws and regulations that protect people and their service dogs. If you are getting ready to receive a service dog, it's important for you to understand what types of situations you and your dog may be confronted with and what you can do about them if you are. [Read More]

  • You Were Arrested For Defending Yourself. Now What?

    Being charged with a violent crime after acting in self defense is terrifying. Just because you are charged, doesn't mean that the charge will hold up in court. You need to know why self defense cases go to court and what you can do about it. Take it Seriously Some people don't take their charges seriously because they acted in self defense. You can't just assume that the courts will decide it's a mistake and justice will be served. [Read More]

  • Arrested For A Drug Crime? How To Interact With Your Lawyer & The Public While Your Case Is Open

    If you have been charged with drug possession or distribution, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Drug charges are serious and could lead to years in prison. Proper representation can at least get you a lighter sentence. Here is everything you need to know about interacting with your lawyer and the public while working on your case. 1. Make an e-mail account specifically for the case Making  a new e-mail account isn't required by any means, but it can be helpful. [Read More]

  • Mind Your Own Online Business: Social Media Laws You Should Know Before Posting

    These days privacy is minimal. Social media allows people to post whatever they want, whenever they want. People post pictures of themselves, their family, and even other people. Before posting pictures of people other than your own family, make sure you understand the laws. Know when posting a picture or status on social media is illegal. Compromising situations You may think it's funny to post a picture of a friend drinking or doing something questionable, but you have to think about the consequences of the images. [Read More]