How Your Insurance Company Will Handle The Situation When You Total Your Car

Posted on: 5 May 2017

If you have a loan on your car, you will be legally required to have full-coverage insurance on it. This type of coverage is great if you cause an accident that results in your car being totaled. The only trouble with this situation is that you might be left owing money on your car after the deal is said and done. Here are several things to understand about how insurance works when car owners total their own vehicles. [Read More]

3 Tips To Prevent Injuries To Your Tugboat Crew

Posted on: 2 May 2017

If you are in charge of a tugboat crew, you might be concerned about the people who work on the vessel being injured. As you might already know, working on a tugboat can be dangerous. However, this does not mean that there is nothing that you can do to help prevent injuries. These are some of the most important steps that you can take to help keep everyone as safe as possible when they are working on the tugboat. [Read More]

3 Things To Be Careful About Before Filing For Bankruptcy

Posted on: 28 April 2017

If you are planning on filing for bankruptcy soon, you need to be careful about the financial choices that you make leading up to official filing for bankruptcy. Here are three things that you need to watch out for before filing for bankruptcy. #1 Getting Rid Of Assets The first thing that you need to be careful about is getting rid of assets. Although you may think that it is a good idea to get rid of your assets to pay off your debts, the bankruptcy courts may look down on your actions, especially if you sell the assets to your family members or if you sell the asset for less than it is worth. [Read More]

3 Important Reasons To Hire A Social Security Disability Laywer

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Have you become disabled and are no longer able to work? Have you tried to file for social security and have been rejected more than once? Not everyone who becomes disabled is going to be eligible for workman's compensation. Even if you are, the money from that will eventually run out, and you'll need a more permanent source of income. To this end, you've filed for Social Security. Unfortunately, even if you qualify for Social Security disability payments, it can be a struggle to be approved. [Read More]